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Yoga! Did you know we offer Yoga?

Did you know we offer Yoga?  Our beginner yoga class is every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  We keep our Lonestar Yoga class, like all our classes, small so the instructor can focus on each participant individually.  Who is yoga good for? Everyone! People who are stressed out and need to unwind find our class relaxing.  People with tight muscles who just don’t stretch enough on their own, say they leave our class feeling 2 inches taller and much more limber.  People who are new to working out find our class and good non threatening way to dip their feet into the fitness world while.

I, personally, am not flexible.  I was hesitant to try yoga because I knew I wouldn’t be good it. I can’t even touch my toes! Stacy, calmed my fears by pointing out that yoga is exactly what people like me need!  She was great at coming up with variations of different poses that would work for me.. The class is full of friendly supportive people who made me feel comfortable. If I can do it, anyone can!

Classes are every Wednesday evening 6:30-7:15 pm at Lonestar Fitness, 5240 Elm St. Houston Tx, 77081.  Drop ins are $15.

Stacy, our Yoga Instructor

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