Lonestar Fitness

  • This isn't your average Bootcamp

    Unlike those other bootcamps, Lonestar Fitness bootcamp isn't about making you throw up, pass out, cry or injure yourself. This is a real bootcamp for real people. You will be challenged, lose weight and tone up while we it up with calesthenics, tabatas, drills, obstacle course, good old fashioned cardio and fun equipment like TRX, ropes and kettle bells.

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Semi-Private Training

Semi Private training consists of 4 people at Lonestar Fitness’s elite personal training studio. Sessions are fast-paced and incorporate both cardio and strength training for serious weight loss.

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Sessions are four-weeks long every Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30am and Saturday at 7am. Drop-ins are $15 or purchase a package to save money and stay motivated.

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