Lonestar Fitness is a personal training facility in Bellaire, Texas that specializes in nutritional counseling, personal training and total body transformations.

You are unique! We understand that your body and your needs are different then everyone else’s.  Our Certified personal trainers develop individualized fitness programs to fit your personal goals. We focus on personalized, safe, and tangible fitness results.

Kelly Lynch leads class in mountain climbers

Kelly West, owner and trainer

Kelly is a West Point Graduate and Army Veteran who has been in the fitness industry for 14 years. As an Army Master Fitness Trainer, Kelly has been designing and leading physical fitness programs for soldiers since 1999. She specialized in weight loss, body transformations and injury rehabilitations.

Kelly holds many certifications including AFAA Biggest Loser Pro, AFAA Personal Trainer, TRX Group Pro, Les Mills Body Pump, Les Mills Body Attack, R.I.P.P.E.D., Cybex Training Coach, Army Master Fitness Trainer, Reebok Cycle, Brains & Balance Specialist and more. She uses the knowledge she’s gained from her certifications to provide fun, fast, effective workouts at Lonestar Fitness.

In her free time, Kelly competes in Women’s Physique competitions on the national level, local triathlons, trail races and international half marathons.   She is no stranger to the discipline and sacrifice required to stick to a tough nutrition plan while working out hard. Her experience competing has given her a unique understanding for what her clients are going through while dieting and striving to reach their goals. .

Jessica Burgo: Manager, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist
Jess came to Houston after completing her American Council on Exercise certification and CPR/First Aid/AED training in Pennsylvania. Since then she has gone on to get certified in Brains & Balance. She is passionate about helping people understand fitness as an important part of everyday health and functionality. She stresses the importance of movement for a happy lifestyle as well as designs programs that will help you meet personal goals. She strives to help everyone fall in love with the gym by keeping workouts and boot camps interesting and fun.

Rick Gutierrez: Personal Trainer, Strength & Total Body Specialist

January 2016, I joined a Fitness gym as a personal challenge. As part of an eye-opening experience when my son started playing baseball. I never really worked out or did any type of physical activities due to  work.When my son would want me to practice with him I was afraid of getting hurt. I also was suffering from lower back pain which limited the amount of time I could practice with my son. I decided to make a drastic change in my life, so I went online and found Fitness gym. I made the call got an appointment. From that moment, I knew I had made the right choice. My goal being that if I could keep up with everyone in my session group I could keep up with my son. After 5 months of challenging work and dedication. I have lost 50 pounds and lost 6 inches of my waist. My lower back feels much better and overall my entire body feels 100% better. My family could not believe how much I have lost to the point I had to buy new clothes for work. Because of this life changing experience I found my love of exercise and helping individuals meet their weight loss potential.


Kathleen Smith: Personal Trainer, Endurance & Injury Recovery
Kathleen has been certified through NASM since 2008 but has been a registered nurse since 1996 (so you know you’re in good hands)! She teaches everything from Group X to spinning.  In her free time, she enjoys running, lifting, biking, triathlons and spending time with her loved ones.






Mercedes Jackson: Strength Training, TRX, Yoga
When Mercedes isn’t busy competing in Olympic Lifting competitions, she teaching Group TRX and yoga classes here at Lonestar Fitness.  Her workouts are tough but her smile instantly makes you forget the pain.





Stacy Allen: Yoga
Stacy teaches our weekly yoga class. She blends a number of styles to fit the needs of all our clients, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Stacy enjoys taking continuing education classes on yoga techniques and running in marathons when she’s not here at Lonestar Fitness.